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Neufchâteau, BE

The aim of the project is to acquire an investment property, carrying out renovation works in the common areas, separate the building into independent units through the development of a basic deed and the resale with realization of a capital gain.

Apartment building on 3 levels of about 530 sqm divided into 8 apartments.
The apartments have a surface area between 51to 80 sqm, the residence offers:
- Ground floor: two 2-bedroom apartments,
- 1st floor: one 2-bedroom apartment and one 1-bedroom apartment,
- 2nd floor: two 1-bedroom apartments and two 2-bedroom duplexes.
The building is located in downtown Neufchâteau on a lot of about 6.62 ares.

Thanks to the location of the building in the center of Neufchâteau (near the Court House) and in a newly renovated area, the apartments are very easy to rent.

Historically, rents have been regularly paid, very few problems with payments and vacancies.

The proximity of the E25 Luxembourg-Brussels motorway, of the Luxembourg border (40km away) and of the highway interchange to Liège, as well as the environment of the building and its quality, offer prospective buyers an interesting quality of life.